The greatest gift you can give to somebody is your own personal development. I used to say, “If you will take care of me, I will take care of you.” Now I say, “I will take care of me for you, if you will take care of you for me.”
Jim Rohn
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Sara Bareilles, can I marry you?

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Past relationships are alma maters.

You entered and left as two completely different people.

(Hopefully) you learned a ton, but it always seems a few lessons were learned a bit too late.

Nostalgia hits often.

But, at the end of the day, remember to not be the creepy oldie who can’t seem to let go; move on.

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Hands down, I’m too proud for love.

But with eyes shut - it’s you I’m thinking of. 

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I’m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home.

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I’m scared.

Just a little bit.

But whatever happens, happens. As my man Lupe says, "even if they turn the lights out, the show is going on!" 

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I'd Rather Have A Crush On You Forever
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I wish I wrote the way I thought;
With maddening hunger.
I’d write to the point of suffocation.
I’d write myself into nervous breakdowns,
Manuscripts spiralling out like tentacles into abysmal nothing.
And I’d write about you
a lot more
than I should.
Benedict Smith, I Wish I Wrote The Way I Thought (via jececilia)

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but if I built you a city - would you let me? or would you tear it down?

but there you go for the last time.
i finally know now what i should have known then
and i could still be ruthless, if you let me. 

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Even as I hold you, I am letting you go.
Alice Walker  (via jececilia)

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The only three things I care about:

my students,
the LSAT. 

At this point in my life, nothing else matters. And I am very much cognizant that it is a short, perfect list. 

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I can talk to you about the Sharks?

You’re a keeper. 

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If you want extraordinary love, you need to fight for it.

So don’t mistake the extraordinary for what you’re settling for. I know this is an extremely difficult thing to do most times, because when there’s nothing really wrong with your relationship there’s no reason to wreak havoc and go… except, there is. And that’s because the extraordinary is waiting for you somewhere else. In the words of Cheryl Strayed, have the courage to break your own heart. That’s awesome if you really like each other, and even if everything is swell but yet, somewhere you know, this person doesn’t absolutely rock your world, you need to go.

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There’s a greater purpose we serve.

Special Education is my calling. I know it. 

Whether it’s in the form of teaching, public policy, or litigation - this realm is exactly where my heart belongs. 

I feel so silly, actually. In the past few months, I’ve focused my energy onto such trivial dilemmas. And, in all reality, there’s a greater purpose we, as human beings, serve. It has brought me the clear realization that there are challenges my students face every. single. damn. day. And who am I to complain of my silly matters? 

Though there is criticism in working too much and investing “too much of your heart into your job” - how could I not?! This isn’t just a job that I simply hold - these are the lives of my students that I have forever been intertwined with. I am 100% invested in this journey, and I refuse to be distracted by anything else. 

This is where my heart is. There is where my heart will be invested for the next few years. And I am so thankful for this gift of service. Merci bou coup, God. 

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